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Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Kings of Life

5 Great Kings that have brought Happiness into pupils lives.

1. Drin-King

and ofcourse his majesty Fuc-King.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

B a man.....n msg me daily..

Ur messages r like girlz periods.
Cums only 3-4 days in a month...
But my msgs r like man's erectins,
can happen many times a day....
B a man.....n msg me daily..

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Only thing my heart can give..

A wish in a corner, deep in my heart,
2b frnds 4ever n never b apart,
hope this bond has a long life 2 live,
TRUST is d only thing my heart can give..

Stepping Stones to Success

Life is a Collection of changes,
So don't avoid changes,
Take every change as a challenge,
Some give success
& Some act as the stepping stones to success.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Kis rishte ko gehra kahu

Pyar aur dosti me itna farkh paya hai,
Pyar ne sahara diya,
dosth ne saath nibhaya,
kis rishte ko gehra kahu yaaro,
Ek ne di zindagi to dusre ne jeena sikhaya hi!

Lovely SMILE

If you CRY at a TROUBLE it grows double.
If you LAUGH at a TROUBLE it disappears like a babul.
So always face ur problems with a Lovely SMILE :)


Girl: Gutkha Khate ho?
Boy: Yes
Girl: Cigarete peete ho?
Boy: Yes
Girl: Sharaab?
Boy: Yes
Girl: Jua bhi khelte ho?
Boy: Yes
Girl: Sab Negative, kuch Positive bhi hai kya tere paas?
Boy: Hai na HIV+...

Friday, March 9, 2007

Remove your eyes

A very Sexy & attractive Female Employee
meets her Boss & says, ”
Sir, would you mind removing something
from my BREAST”
Boss: Anything for U..
Female Employee: Your Eyes, Sir!


What is the Similarity between
Audio Cassatte and a Woman?
They can be Played from both Sides……..


Whats the difference between
Hook in Cricket and Hook of Bra?
One sends ball out of the boundary
and Other keeps balls within the boundary.

Women’s Life

Women’s Life is very Hard

Morning: Wash Clothes,
Afternoon: Dry Clothes,
Evening: Iron Clothes,
Night: Remove Clothes,
Mid Night: Search Clothes.


Teacher asked her Student that
what will they become in the future?
Raj: Doctor
Ram: pilot
Sam: I will help Pinky…


1980 Girls: Maa Mei Jeans pehnungi
Maa: Nahin beti log kya kahenge?

2006 girls: Maa mei mini Skirt pehnungi
Maa: Pehenle beti Kuch to Pehan le !


Girl: If U’ll try to kiss me, may shor macha doongi.
Boy: lekin yahan dur dur tak koi nahin hai.
Girl: I know but formality to karni hi padegi….


Azhar asked Sangeetha after their first night
“How was my Straight drive thru U r fine legs”
She said “its good shot but u r not tha Opening batsman….
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